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Video surveillance over the Internet

Категория: Uncategorised
Создано 15.04.2021

    Video surveillance over the Internet is becoming more and more in demand from year to year. Today, not only the equipment for this has become available, but the Internet technologies themselves are meeting the needs of users. The Internet provided by providers has become so broadband that it is easy to organize remote monitoring simultaneously from 16 cameras in real time.

    Video surveillance over the Internet opens up new opportunities for users. By installing the remote client program on one or more sites, you can remotely control your sites Distributor CCTV Jakarta. This is a godsend for enterprise managers, because will help save a lot of time - you will not need to go to every object, be it a store, stall, warehouse, office or retail outlet in a supermarket. In order to find out about the events taking place, your immediate presence is not required, you can easily see what is happening at the facility from anywhere in the world. All you need for this is Internet access.

    At the moment, remote video surveillance can be organized using any device for this: Smartphones, laptops, tablets, system units with any installed operating systems.