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Supper Man

Jungle Cruise

Категория: Разное
Создано 08.01.2022


The film takes the viewer back to the First World War, when Dr. Houghton's research on the Brazilian tree was published, which could help the British military to win the war, as well as revolutionize medicine. Dr. Houghton is confident that an old map dating back to the 16th century will help find trees in the Amazonian jungle. The Royal Society refuses to fund the expedition, believing that the tree is a myth.

The picture Jungle Cruise has a rather long history of development, but the creators entered the decisive stage of production only in 2015. The script of the project was rewritten at least three times before the filming of the tape began.

The first stage of filming began in the spring of 2018 in Hawaii, where a port city was built from scratch. The construction itself lasted four months, despite heavy rainfall at this time of year.

The main filming took just over three months and cost two hundred million. The premiere of the film took place immediately in cinemas and on the indofilm streaming service - access to viewing cost viewers about thirty dollars.

Reviewers called the painting a fun adventure for the whole family. Critics also noted that the tape is noticeably better than other new film projects of the Disney studio.